Wealth Creation

WEALTH CREATION means you want to make enough money from your surplus savings to beat inflation in the long run and also by way of WEALTH CREATION, you can also achieve your life’s different goals.

Equity mutual fund is a vehicle that can earn better return than inflation and you can make wealth and also achieve your valuable life goals in the long run by participating in india’s growth story.

Best balanced funds:

  • Hdfc balanced fund
  • Tata balanced fund
  • Birla sunlife ‘95

Best children plan:

  • Hdfc children’s gift plan- investment

Best large cap funds:

  • Birla sunlife frontline equity fund
  • Franklin india bluechip fund
  • Icici prudential focused bluechip equity fund

Best midcap – small cap funds:

  • Franklin smaller companies fund
  • Hdfc midcap opportunities fund
  • Franklin india prima fund

Best multi cap funds:

  • Icici prudential value discovery fund
  • Franklin india high growth companies fund
  • Birla sunlife advantage fund

Best retirement funds:

  • Tata retirement fund
  • Hdfc retirement saving  fund

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