Regular Income

In today’s uncertain world, some people i.e ( retired person, person with uncertain income etc.) wants regular income.

Here you may use mip( monthly income plan, systemetic withdrawal plan), whose primary objective is to provide regular income to the investor.this makes mips a favoured mutual fund product category. note that mips invest a majority of their invested corpus in secure instruments and a very small amount in equity; hence the returns are more or less stable.

Best short term, medium term and long term debt funds:

Short Term Debt Funds:

  • hdfc short term opportunities fund
  • birla sun life short term opportunities fund
  • franklin  india short term income plan

Medium Term Debt Funds:

  • birla sunlife medium term plan
  • franklin  india income opportunities fund
  • dsp blackrock income opportunites fund
  • long term debt funds:
  • hdfc corporate bond opportunites fund
  • franklin india corporate bond opportunities fund
  • franklin india accural fund

Hybried Debt Oriented Funds:

  • Hdfc monthly income plan
  • Birla Sun Life MIP II-Wealth 25
  • Franklin India Monthly Income Plan

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